Ecoresan’s planned vessels can carry up to 175 persons and 20 bicycles.

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Article in Swedish daily newspaper, DN.

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Stockholm County Council aims to increase commuter services on water using an electrically powered vessel.

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Ecoresan has a specific business mission. We aim to introduce environmentally sound, hybrid electric passenger vessels which can carry up to 175 passengers on local commuter services.


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 Happening now

Article in DN about Ecoresan

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper has published an article about our project. Follow the link to read the article.


Article in Nacka Värmdö Posten about Ecoresan

One of the largest local newspapers in Stockholm has published an article about Ecoresan. Follow the link to read the article.


About Ecoresan

Ecoresan has developed a concept for sustainable, environmentally sound and efficient local commuter transport services on water and together with our technology partners plan to conduct a pilot project beginning in the summer of 2014. Ecoresan and Echandia Marine, who have developed the solution for powering our vessels using a hybrid electric drive train, are supported by The Swedish Energy Agency. The concept has been presented to the Stockholm County Council. It is possible that the project, which has so far taken four years, will be the partner that the Stockholm County Council will select to operate a full scale trial.

Electrically powered vessels not only drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, they are considerably quieter than traditional alternatives. Ecoresan’s vessels can carry 175 passengers and 20 bicycles. Their hull form, power solution – including energy storage, interiors and all consumables on board have been designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible using current technology – that’s water, air and noise.




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Kindly contact Ecoresan before you use our images. These pictures show our prototype vessel and the finished product may be modified.


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Our partners

Echandia Marine is a techno environmental specialist within the field of marine propulsion solutions. The company was founded in 2008 with the aim of revolutionizing the electric boat market.

The Echandia Marine team has spent years refining and developing the latest electric propulsion technology thereby creating a drive line that is a cleaner, more efficient and more environmentally sound way to power vessels than is currently available.


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Headquartered in Stockholm, Saltech Konsulter provides consultative services for the maritime sector both nationally and internationally.


Read more about Saltech


The Swedish Energy Agency is active within many different parts of Swedish society enabling a more sustainable and efficient way to utilize valuable energy resources in cost effective ways. The Swedish Energy Agency is contributing to the pilot project through its program “Demonstration of electrically powered vehicles”.


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